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ARTEX Technologies

ARTEX PLC offers high quality yarns produced with the help of the introduced modern technologies and technological equipment. Company policy is focused on investments for the introduction of new machinery and equipment, aiming at achieving high productivity and quality of production. All ancillary activities related to the production of quality products, such as receiving of inquiries, orders, procurement of supplies and external services, implementing incoming and final controls, maintenance of optimal stocks, settlement and provision of resources are defined and strictly organized. The organization works with well-established Suppliers of materials and services necessary for the realization of the production processes. Our main priority in choosing a supplier is the best combination of price and quality. Our company provides sufficient and appropriate resources in a timely manner, the most important of which are: a functional working environment, providing the necessary material and financial resources; efficient infrastructure, qualified staff subject to instruction, training and retraining. Proper and timely identification and acquisition of the necessary resources is a process that takes place in accordance with the adequate implementation of all customer engagements. The quality of the produced products is guaranteed by the physicochemical laboratory for incoming and outgoing control, which possesses all necessary devices for analysis of both finished products and raw materials and samples provided by our clients. All yarns produced by ARTEX PLC meet the established international standards for textile products.

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